Making Single Switch Timed, Scan and Two Switch activities

Some of the projects below use files from projects completed under 'Making Activities 1 and 2.'
Click on the links below to view the video tutorials. Press F11 on the video pages for best viewing. Press F11 to return
video pages to normal size. Most of the Video Tutorials in this bundle are about 3 to 4 minutes in length.
It is very exciting to rapidly produce a game or activity that is highly motivating for a student. It's also very
rewarding to see them reach a new level of achievement or independence (without too much effort!) because the
game or activity is personalised and of current interest to them.

Timed switch activation - uses Digger video project. Making an activity that can help a user to press a
switch when necessary or at the right time.

          Part 2-Making the aimer

  Single switch scan Project. Making an activity to enable a user to test out the idea of switch scanning.

          Part 5-Testing the scan

Making a two switch activity. Making an activity to enable a user to test out the idea of two switch

          Part 9-Fixing code errors

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