Click on the links below to view the video tutorials. Press F11 on the video pages for best viewing. Press F11 to
return video pages to normal size. Most of the Video Tutorials in this bundle are about 3 to 6 minutes in length.

These swishmax video tutorials will show you 'step by step' how to make the very popular switch accessible 'Musical
Slideshow.' The sound and images used are for training purposes. You can make these activities more suitable for your
students by using your own images and sound. I am sure you will have many ideas for such switch games. Swishmax is
like an open canvas to work on - once you get control of it you will be free to unleash you creativity. It won't take long
to take control and enjoy the creative process.
Making a very simple Switch Accessible Musical Slideshow

  Making the Simple Musical Slideshow

          Part 4-Add a second scene

  Making a 30 second musical slide show 'Chicken Pop Song'

  Making a Kitten Pop Song - rapid build

This is a great place to start learning Swishmax.

To Make the activities in these tutorials you will need Swishmax. You can use the
academic licences. For a 15 day free trial click here.
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