Tutorials to give you a practical understanding of Working with Sound

Click on the links below to view the video tutorials. Press F11 on the video pages for best viewing. Press F11 to return
video pages to normal size. Most of the Video Tutorials in this bundle are about 1 to 2 minutes in length.

Audacity - You cannot be without this free program when you want to work with sound. It has an incredible array of
features. These tutorials will take you 'step by step' through the really useful features. Sound is one of the most important
ingredients you will need to make resources or applications and Audacity will be your best friend when working with

          Find and install audacity

Install the Lame Encoder - this will enable Audacity to save files in the mp3 format which you will use in
your projects.       

Testing one, two, three - All about Microphones 

          Part 1: The Microphone

Setting up the Preferences in Audacity

Record your voice in Audacity

          Part 2-Recording voice

Using Audacity to remove Noise from a recording

          Part 1-Removing noise from a recording

Using the Compressor in Audacity to 'even out' a recording. Reduce the loud sounds and increase the quiet

          Part 1-Introduction to the Compressor

Using the Stereo mix feature in Audacity to record sounds played on the computer or on the internet

Ripping a CD - extracting the sound files for use in a project

          Part 3-Ripping a CD

Record from a Cassette - get the music from a cassette and put it on a computer to use in a project

Record and Edit a child's voice - really useful for giving a child a very powerful voice!

          Part 5-Overview of the Audacity 'magic' used

Freecorder - a very useful free utility to enable you to record sounds and music from the Internet. There are
Privacy and internet speed issues which are covered in the 'Working with Video' Tutorials bundle which you
may wish to consider before using this program )

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