Collection of Switch Accessible Videos - Works on PC only (NOT iPad).

Click on the image links below to play the videos. These activities will work in most browsers that supports HTML5. Google Chrome would be suitable for PCs. If you have and early version of Internet Explorer please install Chrome Frame which gives it the necessary resources to deploy the pages. For schools it is possible to install Chrome Frame without admin privileges! The best part about these videos is the user interaction. The child or student needs to press the spacebar, numeral '1' key,  touchscreen or 'switch' to continue watching. The videos play for a short duration and then pause waiting for the child's response. Small note: if the 'YouYube video' window is touched the 'keyboard' or switch operation will be affected - just reclick on a blank part of the web page to reset.
Evolution of Dance - By Judson Laipply
All these fun videos can also be accessed by 'switch users.' When the video pauses a switch press will start the 'play' again. Each 'switch press' is simulating a 'spacebar' or numeral '1' which is controlling the web page. To setup a 'switch interface' please ensure the switch interface is sending a 'spacebar' or numeral '1' when the switch is pressed.
Wedding dance!
Best Dancer
Homeless Boy Steals The Talent Show
Ultimate Dog Tease
Animal Dance
The BoogieBunny
Hippo and Dog Brushing Teeth
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