Free Online Switch Accessible Activities for the Inclusive Classroom

The inclusive games below are suitable for individuals who are developing 'cause and effect' switch skills. The games can also be played using a conventional mouse, head pointing systems, touchscreen, spacebar etc. To start the games click on the images or titles below. The switch activated games will open on a new web page. Please wait a few seconds for the games to load. Then to kick start the 'switch accessible part' of the game please click the 'go button.' The switch user can take it from there! Each 'switch press' is simulating a 'spacebar' which is controlling the game. To setup a 'switch interface' please ensure the switch interface is sending a 'spacebar' click when the switch is pressed.
Rudolph falls over with fright - switch game
Discover what is in the Garden!
You never know what you may find in a garden or an allotment. Look closely and see what you can discover. This switch accessible game will swing into action when you activate the scene with your switch, mouse, touchscreen or spacebar.
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