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Free Online 'Trick or Treat' switch games for students

The inclusive games for kids below are suitable for individuals who are developing switch skills. The games can also be played using a conventional mouse, head pointing systems, touchscreen, spacebar etc. To start the games click on the images below. The switch activated games will open on a new web page. Please wait a few seconds for the games to load. Each 'switch press' is simulating a 'spacebar' which is controlling the game. To setup a 'switch interface' please ensure the switch interface is sending a 'spacebar' click when the switch is pressed.

The games should play in the latests HTML5 browser - Chrome Browser, Internet Explorer 9 or older versions of explorer with Chrome Frame Extension. When the games open the switch user has immediate control! These games can be played on an iPad by touch though not switch accessible.
Pumpkin Trick or Treat switch game
'Trick or Treat' Switch Game. NEW
This is a game to motivate 'switch users.' Press the switch at the right time to have a shot. The aim is to earn some pocket money if you strike a pumpkin (and not a cute creature!!) This game can also be played using a mouse, touchscreen or spacebar.