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100+ Switch Games for your Students.
The Switch Games Pack 2 have similar objectives to Pack 1. The games have been created to make use of the latest HTML5 technology. The games play best on Google Chrome. They also play on iPads. On the individual games, please click the 'i' for information on switch settings for PC, Mac and Tablets.
On a PC use the F11 key to make the browser go fullscreen when playing the games. Use F11 to return from fullscreen. On a Mac make the browser fullscreen and remove menu tabs to allow the games to occupy more of the screen. If you use switches set your switch interface box to simulate a 'spacebar' for all games.
Are you looking for tons of easy switch games? Do you want 'fullscreen' games that are advert free? Specialbites is growing around the world by 'word of mouth' - play today for FREE?

The Switch Games Pack 1 can be played using a switch, mouse or touchscreen. The games play fullscreen and should play on all computers and tablets that support flash. The games will support students as they learn 'cause and effect' and progress to 'timed' activities.
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