Tutorials to give you a practical understanding of Working with Images

Click on the links below to view the video tutorials. The videos will open on a new page. Press F11 on the video pages for best viewing. Press F11 to return video pages to normal size. Most of the Video Tutorials in this bundle are about 1 to 2 minutes in length.

The aim of these tutorials is to enable you to work confidently with images when you are creating resources. There are a number of theoretical and practical issues to cover and by the end you will be able to concentrate on being creative rather than being bogged down in the technical.

The Dotty Screen - Pixels and resolution. You will look at images in a new way after these four tutorials!

          Part 1-Introduction to Pixels and Image Resolution

          Part 2-Looking closely at Pixels

          Part 3-Looking closely at Pixel Colour

          Part 4-Pixels make up the Image Resolution

Screen Resolution and Image size. An important area to consider and one that will influence every project you work on.

          Part 1-Introduction to Screen Resolution and image size

          Part 2-Towards changing the Screen Resolution

          Part 3-The results of changing the screen resolution

          Part 4-Prepare Image for testing the change of screen resolution

          Part 5-The effect on images when changing Screen Resolution

Finding images of a particular size on the Internet

          Part 1-Finding images of a particular size
Free to view

          Part 2-Finding images of a particular size

          Part 3-Finding images of a particular size

Image Formats: Two big ideas lossy and lossless. Examining the issues of quality and file size. Crucial issues for your project work.

          Part 1-Two big ideas when it comes to saving images

          Part 2-Two big ideas when it comes to saving images

Image Formats: Formats on Google           

          Part 1-Searching the Internet for various image formats
Free to view

          Part 2-Searching the Internet for various image formats

Image Formats: Save photograph in various formats

          Part 1-Save a photograph in various formats
Free to view

          Part 2-Save a photograph in various formats

Seeing through an image - Transparent and jpg compression

          Part 1-Introduction to Transparency

          Part 2-Performing transparency and jpg compression

          Part 3-Results of Image transparency and compression

Keep your aspect - Keep the aspect constant when changing the size of an image

          Part 1-Keep aspect ratio constant when changing the dimensions of an image

          Part 2-Keep Image aspect ratio constant

Cropper: Find and Install Cropper. A very, very useful free utility you will not want to be without, it will save you lots of time!

          Part 1-Find the Cropper website and download
Free to view

          Part 2-Install Cropper
Free to view

Cropper: Capture a portion of Internet image        

          Part 1-Introduction to using Cropper to capture portions of an image
Free to view

          Part 2-Starting to use Cropper
Free to view

          Part 3-Set the storage location
Free to view

          Part 4-Capturing a portion of an image

          Part 5-Cropping more images

          Part 6-Settings to speed up the process

          Part 7-Some useful features

Cropper: Using Cropper to speed up image preparation

          Part 1-Using Cropper to speed up image preparation

          Part 2-Using cropper to speed up image preparation
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