Free iPAD 'Switch Web Apps' - Cause and Effect switch games

The inclusive games below are suitable for individuals who are developing 'cause and effect' switch skills. The games should play on the latests HTML5 browsers -

iPad running iOS6,

Chrome Browser, Internet Explorer 9 or older versions of explorer with Chrome Frame Extension.

The games can be played using a switch, a conventional mouse, head pointing systems, touchscreen, spacebar, numeral 1 key etc. To start the games click on the images below. The switch activated games will open on a new web page. Please wait a few seconds for the games to load. Then to start the 'switch accessible part' of the game please touch/click the 'go button.' The switch user can take it from there! Each 'switch press' is simulating a 'spacebar' or 'numeral 1' which is controlling the game. On an Ipad please ensure you have the 'switch box' in operation to collect the 'spacebar' or 'numeral 1 key' clicks. Check out the video tutorial if you need help.
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Rabbit Musical Slideshow
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Duck Musical Slideshow
Fishy Musical Slideshow for switch users
Butterfly Musical Slideshow switch game for kids
Puppy Dog Free Online Switch Game for computer
Kids Free Online Switch Game for computer
Melting the igloo switch musical game for kids
Growing Peas switch musical game for kids
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