Making Video more accessible for the Inclusive Classroom.

Engage switch users with Video. Choose a video from YouTube and using the web apps below convert the video into a switch accessible educational activity. Almost all videos can be made switch accessible, however some videos will only play on their YouTube Channel. If one does not play try another - there are many to choose from! In the web app the videos will play for a short time, then pause, after the switch is pressed the video will continue to play.

Please choose the web app below that is suitable for your computer or tablet. Please have a look at the video tutorials on using the iPad or Windows if you need help. Think of all the possibilities, from pop songs, nursery rhymes, sports, fun video, animation etc. Any problems please email.
PC and Mac YouTube Switch Web App

YouTube Switch Video - PC and MAC Version

Make a YouTube video switch accessible on a PC or Mac. Find a video on YouTube and copy its 'url' into this web app. 
The switch user can keep the video playing when it pauses after a set period of time.
iPad YouTube Switch Web App

YouTube Switch Video - iPad Version


Make a YouTube video switch accessible on an iPad.
Please read your particular 'Bluetooth Switch Interface' notes. You will need to 'Pair' the interface with the iPad and know how to 'deploy and turn off' the onscreen keyboard. To search for a video on YouTube you will need to use the onscreen keyboard but the switch user will need the keyboard turned off in order to use a switch.
iPad YouTube Switch Web App

Switch Access to Video (Fullscreen) - PC Version

(New - onTrial)

Make a YouTube video switch accessible. First find a video on youTube - copy the url - paste into this web app - adjust the settings - press the switch - play the video. Press the switch again when the video pauses.
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